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Spectrum Breakdown

Ireland is no stranger to odd phenomenons: moving statues, celestial apparitions and the like have all stirred controversy in the past. Now Dublin is the latest place to boast such an event, with late-night revellers reporting a vision of three tin-foil-clad, whirling and twirling ladies appearing from a window in the heart of Temple Bar.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the work of some other-worldly being, but that of the Pallasades, a trio of artists currently exhibiting in a disused space in Smock Alley. Michelle Hall, Tracy Gilbourne and Rachel Hanna have been collaborating for the past two years, after meeting on an internship programme at the Pallas Contemporary Projects. Using light as their focus, they say they “have a self-reflexive playful approach where offshoot projects develop in a explorative way”.

Their latest exhibition definitely meets the playful, offshoot standard: Spectrum Breakdown: The Breakdown is a video documentary of their rehearsals for a performance at the Twisted Pepper last year. The 40-minute film features the group, dressed in the afore-mentioned tin-foil outfits, switching between bouts of serious concentration and hysterical laughter as they practice their dance routine in front of the camera. It makes for pretty hilarious viewing – probably doubled if you’ve stumbled out of one of the nearby bars.

The film was previously shown at the end of last month, with the Pallasades constructing another exhibit in the background. The run has now been extended until April 26th, leaving you with a week or two to catch it. It will be playing from 7-10pm every evening, at 5 Smock Alley Court (just at the end of Cow’s Lane).

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